Well now, that’s a question. Here’s the official short form bio…

Dr Theresa (Terri) Simpkin

[BBA (HRM), BCom (Hons), PhD, FHEA, CIPD, CPHR, Churchill Fellow]

Driven by an almost insatiable urge to see people and organisations identify and live into their potential, Terri finds huge professional and personal satisfaction in working with people who know they and their organisations can be better. 

A forward thinking, industry experienced academic, Terri is invested in the examination of emerging leadership paradigms for the digital age.  She is also an authority on the impostor phenomenon having researched both the personal impact and the implications of the phenomenon on diversity and productivity in organisations.  Research active and practically focused Terri works with organisations and individuals to establish a working suite of capabilities to better address the challenges of rapidly evolving organisational landscapes.  Recently named one of the Power 50 (the most influential women in the digital economy) she has been working internationally in the data centre sector for several years.

Having worked widely with governments, industry associations, large businesses and SMEs she has a consulting and professional development background that traverses sectors and organisational functions.  As an academic she has worked internationally within vocational, university and corporate education with global managerial remits.  She is also a proud Churchill Fellow.

Terri is a skilled communicator who contributes widely to industry publications, engages with radio and television, and speaks regularly at high profile international events.

The unofficial edit

The unofficial version includes the following:

She’s a proud mum and now a grandmother to Floss – the most perfect little person on the planet!

She is a devout, some say (rather unkindly) tragic, Duran Duran devotee, who relishes the opportunity to apply academic thinking to her adoration of the work of Sir Terry Pratchett. She regularly presents lectures on the application of leadership, management and inclusion theory to the Discworld novels.

She lives part time in Essex with partner Mark and the cat, Lord Mortimer, Duke of Sto Helit (aka Git). As an Associate Professor and Director of the SLDA at the University of Nottingham she lives part time in the tiny hamlet of Kneeton sharing a patch of the Nottinghamshire countryside with owls, chickens and sheep. The occasional deer also pops by for a visit.