Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your session in the imposter phenomenon at the Governance conference. A light bulb moment for me. Life changing in terms of me telling my own story in a different way. 

Company Secretary, ICSA Conference attendee 2019

Terri’s enthusiasm for her subject is contagious!  It is evident she is an expert in her field and has a wealth of knowledge which she wants to share.  Her speaking style is engaging and she involves her audience, drawing them in with a blend of research and personal experience.  Thank you Terri for the session you delivered for us, I know everybody who attended found it both enjoyable and  thought provoking.  

Liz McPhail – Women in Business and Finance

“Thanks very much for the “Coaching the Impostor” webinar last week, which I found very interesting and useful – it was one of the best ICF webinars I have attended”

Attendee ICF ‘Coaching the Impostor” webinar

Dr Terri Simpkin blew me away. Listening to everything she said, has given me the push to apply for something I have always wanted to do but never felt I could…. who knows where this may lead? Wouldn’t the world be a very different place if all women got to spend 1 hour with her. Thank you so much.

Attendee Club Forty seminar

An interactive session with opportunity to explore differing aspects of Imposter phenomenon. A really worthwhile day.

Professional Coach, Participant, Coach Braver Stronger Smarter

A fabulous workshop facilitated by a talented and humorous lady! Time flew and I came away far more knowledgeable about the subject so I am better equipped to help my clients. 

Professional Coach, Participant, Coach Braver Stronger Smarter

Dr Terri Simpkin’s excellent research shines a light on a very complex subject. Attending a workshop on Impostor Phenomenon will help you to develop extensive awareness of this tricky subject in all its guises, and take away valuable insights and tools that enable you to effectively help clients. 

Executive Coach, Participant, Coach Braver Stronger Smarter

Dr Terri brings an energy to her workshop, that is infectious. I found it fascinating, informative and practical. It was a great balance of theory and how that can be reflected in the real world. I feel better able to recognise the behaviours and help my clients to develop strategies to overcome the Impostor… 

Participant, Coach Braver Stronger Smarter