Ooh! Look! I’m on the BBC!

From time to time I get the opportunity to chat to the media about my work and the impostor phenomenon more generally. Here you’ll find selected bits and pieces from radio, print, podcasts and the telly. Let me know what you think!

BBC report on the TotalJobs survey

Check out the work I’ve done with Total Jobs and Kate Atkin

Access a raft of resources and research from the projects completed with Total Jobs. For individuals, leaders and workplaces.

In Conversation about the Impostor Phenomenon

Chatting with the fabulous Amanda Cookson and Ken Blackwell – Leaders in Conversation series.

The only time I’ll make it to Harper’s Bazaar!

Research shows drop in Imposter Syndrome while working from home during lockdown

A quick discussion about IP in the workplace

Click the link to access the short video

The Training Journal

Faking it? Why the imposter phenomenon may be a barrier to the post-Covid ‘new normal’

Times Higher Magazine

A little bit about how the impostor phenomenon is being trivialised by it’s misnamed evil ‘twin’ the ‘impostor syndrome’ – particularly in Higher Education.

People Management (CIPD)

I’ll tell you something: Imposter syndrome is all too real, so what is HR doing to combat it?

HR Monthly (Australian HR Institute)

Imposter phenomenon: how you can identify and overcome it

On Sarah Millican’s Special Issue Podcast

On the Ryk Goddard Show (ABC Australia)

Shut Up, She’s Talking Podcast – A brilliant piece on the Essex Girl motif by Alice Gold featuring yours truly!

Sexually promiscuous, loud and ugly, are all words used to describe women from the English County of Essex in the Oxford and Cambridge Dictionaries. Our guest Terri Simpkin takes us through The Essex Girl motif from ‘The Only Way is Essex’ to Medieval witch hunts, in the hopes to discover more about this infamous woman known as The Essex Girl…

Me, Mary Berry and Waitrose!