What’s FFS all about then?

ForFakeSake is a call to action for a community of like minded people who know, in their quiet moments, that they can take on the world. People who may, inexplicably perhaps, also feel like a total faker teetering on the edge of possible humiliation and failure.

The tag line “take on the world” came from a quote from one of the participants who participated in my research. They said…

“In my quiet moments, I know I can take on the world.

But I’m terrified of being found out as a fraud.’

I was taken aback by this because what she said is echoed in various ways by almost all of the people I talk to about IP (and I’ve talked to a lot of people about their experiences with IP).  In their quiet moments, when they dare to allow themselves to recognise their true potential or their achievements or their long history of small wins, they know they could take on the world, kicking arse and being all fabulous. 

They know they deserve greater success and more recognition but their experiences of IP will not allow their true colours to come into the light for those around to see.  They feel like at any moment they’re going to get called out for being a fake, unqualified to be doing whatever it is they do. They fret about failure, but are preoccupied with perfection. Praise slides off them like they’re wearing a Teflon suit, but failure or setback (more perceived than real) sticks to them like Velcro.

Their toes curl when their potential is recognised by others or their successes are celebrated in public. They have the flight or fight knot in their belly when just thinking about appraisals or pay negotiations. They procrastinate then overwork, bringing with it the stress and anxiety of not being good enough.

More importantly and tragically for most, they know they’re doing it.  Stuck in a vicious cycle of behaviour and thoughts and language. It is this that moves me to the core.  It is the reason @FFS exists.

Because while I talk about the people I know and who have generously shared their stories, I’m one of them. I know the infuriating frustration of it and the anger, anxiety and sadness it can bring. What better reason to do something about it with a bunch of like minded, brilliant, sassy and perhaps even mildly whacky people?

So FFS is a community, a mission, a call to action. The central aims are simple:

  • Bring the ‘real’ notion of IP to the fore, countering quick and dirty social media representations of IP that diminish its importance and gravity.
  • Deliver an alternative view to the ‘happy clappy’ just-get-over-yourself view of IP that proposes that resolution is easy to achieve. I call bullshit on that. We know that’s not how it is.
  • Provide a safe place for people to discuss their experiences and find humour, insight and reassurance in the company of others.
  • Deliver useful tools and information that go beyond simple intellectual understanding of IP and its consequences but supports positive behavioural change and clarity of thought.
  • Highlight current research to inform an evidence-driven understanding of IP. No apologies for this nerdy bit.
  • Swear. Cry. Laugh. Get a little ‘ranty’ (No? Just me then!)

This site will grow over time with more information, tools, events and other media that I hope will be of use. Subscribe. Let me know what you want.

This is important stuff to know and to take to heart. So here is my attempt to unite us in a common crusade.

For Fake Sake!

Let’s take on the world!